Building an indigenous Women’s think tank to amplify the marginalized voices for sustainable development


Empowered Women and Communities where Social Justice is a reality


To amplify the collective voices of the marginalized women, girls and other vulnerable groups and harness their potentials through citizen mobilization, empowerment, leadership enhancement, livelihood promotion and constructive engagement for sustainable development

Who we Are!

AMACOD is a Women’s organization operating in Lango sub region since 2013 as a community based organization and first registered in Kole and Dokolo district under the community development office, AMACOD is currently pursuing national registration with NGO Bureau to operate beyond the two districts officially.

However, AMACOD’s core work is based on empowering communities to shape the destiny of their society by investing in Women’s and Girls’ talents latent in the women. AMACOD believes that poverty has inverse relationship with well-developed human capital and with passage of time and opportunities; societies can fulfill their aspirations or miss them. But, if communities invest their resources including time on building human capital for change and development, guided by a mentor, relationships will be nurtured with the participants’ capacity enhanced to identify and tap into existing development ideas, opportunities and resources whose investment have a likelihood to grow provided there is commitment to innovation, creativity, leadership diligence/conscientiousness, transparent accountability at all times.

AMACOD aspires to form a strong and vibrant women’s think tank in Lango sub region that is able to articulate on issues of development from a gender lense.



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